LAFZ Ruby Twilight – Lip Colour  Description


Colour Personality – Cultured, modest, and sleek. This dark red shade with a tinge of purple was made for a force of nature who relish the joys of life and leave a lingering sense of wonder in their wake.

How to style – Let this shade do the heavy lifting for your makeup. With this shade, you can go easy on the eyes and opt for subtle cheek colours for an effortlessly breathtaking look. For a sleeker diva get up, go with intense lashes and a cat-eye liner.

When to wear? – Ruby Twilight is best suited for formal occasions, be it romantic dinner or social gathering, and office affairs that require a polished look.


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LAFZ Ruby Twilight – Lip Colour


Short Description:

  • LAFZ Halal Lipstick Ruby Twilight 5.5ml.
  • Product type: Lipstick.
  • Size: 5.5ml.
  • 12 hours of staying power.
  • Halal Certified.
  • Soft matte finish.
  • Made in Turkey.